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Project #4 - Sweet Potato Sprouting

Fascinate your child with produce. It's easy to grow a green window treatment from a lumpy sweet potato. Selecting a potato at the grocery store is part of the fun. Once the bounty is home, select a container. (A clear glass provides a root-eye view.) You'll also need sturdy toothpicks.

Poke toothpicks in a circle around the "waist" of the potato. Either end can go up. Very young children may need help either piercing the skin or making sure the picks will support the weight of the spud. Once it's appropriately spiky, put it in the glass or jar. Fill with water.

That's it to start. The child needs to keep the water level high, adding to it as needed. Within a week, the sharp-eyed will see tiny root buds starting in the lower half. Soon, dark buds will appear. Some may even grow under water level.

If the water level is kept high enough, and the potato receives light from a window, the vines should keep going. Got a sunny spot outside for a large container? Cut the sprouts off the potato and put them in a deep pot with good drainage. If the weather stays warm long enough, you can grow next year's crop.