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Projects to do with your Kids

Children's Wildlife Projects -- Overview
Sharing the animal world with your little animal

Children's Growing Projects -- Overview
What makes a good kids' project

Project #1 -- Small Vegetables
A good way to get your child interested in gardening

Project #2 -- Sunflowers
Creating a "flower room" with your child

Project #3 -- Personalized Zucchini
A fast growing way to create art

Project #4 --- Sweet Potato Sprouting
An easy indoor sprouting project

Plant an Indoor Garden for Kids
Get your garden supplies in the grocery store

Give your mom a 'hand' 
Make the perfect Mother's Day gift for Mom

Worm Composting
Hundreds of useful new friends

Hummingbird Feeders
Attracting those flitty little friends

Butterfly Garden
How to attract these flying rainbows