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Propagating - Starting From Seed

Feel like literally starting from scratch? There are those gardeners who swear that starting plants from seeds is the only true way to garden, and from a practical side it does have its merits.

Seeds are generally cheap, easy, and the selection is endless. You can also usually select plants more carefully based on your size, color, and timing needs by simply reading the packages.

Seeds can be started in anything - styrofoam cups, trays, milk jugs - so long as they are clean and have drainage holes.

Pack the containers with a sterile, soilless mixture, leaving room at the top for watering. Scatter small seeds on top of the mixture, pressing down slightly. Larger seeds should be planted to a depth of 2 times their own width.

Water lightly, cover with plastic, and store in a well-lit, warm (65-70 degrees) area. The seeds will begin sprouting within 1-3 weeks, and should be fed with a diluted fertilizer after the second set of leaves forms. At this time, they may also have to be transplanted to a larger container if they look like they're getting crowded.

You'll find a selection of seed starting equipment on our seeds page.

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