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Occasions to Give Plants as Gifts

Why send plants as gifts? First of all, potted plants are a delightful departure from the common. A potted plant, whether it is the polka dotted plant or a miniature blooming rose, warms up a room immediately with a touch of grace. Perfect for home or work, plants are great for anyone interested in inviting nature inside. 

So - when is it appropriate to give a plant as a gift?  Well it just so happens, we have made it easier for you by giving you some suggestions.  Actually, these gift giving ideas come from the many unique ways that people have thought of to give plants as gifts.  Of course it is just a short list of ideas, but you can certainly add to the list with your own ideas. There really is no better gift to give, than to give one that just keeps on giving. Take a look around and you could find the perfect present for the plant lover in your life.

Gift giving category

Use plants for:

Weddings & Matrimony
Wedding Gifts & Wedding Presents (Really - how many blenders can they use? Just make sure they open it right away, or it might not be such a great idea.)
Groomsmen Gifts
Bridesmaid Gifts
Bridal Shower Gifts (definitely better than a mini vacuum cleaner)
Wedding Party Gifts
Birthday present ideas
Birthday gifts - general (whatever the age, its nice to be remembered)
40th Birthday Gifts
50th Birthday Gifts
60th Birthday Gifts
Gifts for Men
Gifts for Dad
Groomsmen gifts
Baby gifts
Baby shower gifts - (not a good time for a cactus, but lots of other choices)
New baby gifts - (think something that will last a lifetime)
Anniversary gifts
Wedding anniversary gifts
50th anniversary gifts
25th anniversary gifts
Business anniversary gifts
School gifts
High school graduation gifts
College graduation gifts
University graduation gifts (when a car isn't in the budget)
Teacher appreciation gifts
Special occasions
Retirement gifts
Housewarming gifts
Romantic gifts
Valentine's Day gifts
Christmas gifts
Spiritual gifts
Baptism gifts
Bar mitzvah gifts
Easter gifts
Unique gifts
Personalized gifts
Corporate gifts
Teacher gifts
Promotional gifts
Business gifts
Executive gifts
Home interior gifts
Gifts for nurses