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Safety - Taking every precaution to build a safe garden

Little did you know that your seemingly harmless container garden is a potentially life threatening safety hazard. Of course it is! (But then again, so is a Popsicle stick if put in the wrong hands.)

A careless urban garden can kill! You don't want to get in the way of the fire department, or have your plants fall on someone's head. Similarly, you don't want muddy water to drip down on that brand new white and gold sheepskin barbecue cover your downstairs neighbor picked up at the last NRA convention.

"Safety first!" is our motto at Emily's Plants - as it is the motto of all container gardeners around the world. (That, and "We love drainage!") We are proud to report that none of our staff has ever injured or killed, or been injured or killed, with or by a container garden. (Well, except for that one toe stubbing incident back in October, but that was mostly the toe's fault.) And we keep vigilant watch 24 hours a day to protect our spotless record of garden safety.

We recommend the following rules for proper safety:

  • Test to make sure all hooks and brackets for hanging baskets and window boxes will hold the weight of a full grown plant in wet soil.
  • Make sure all paths to doors have adequate space for people to walk in and out without coming in contact with containers.
  • Provide adequate catch basins for excess drainage to prevent damage from leakage and slick floors.
  • Do not put unsecured containers near edges of porches, balconies, or other places where they can fall and injure anyone below.
  • Do not leave fertilizers or other potentially toxic materials where children or animals may find them.
  • Do not block fire escapes or other emergency exits with plants, containers, or gardening equipment.

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR LARGE ROOFTOP GARDENS: if you plan on bringing a plow, combine or other large equipment up on the roof, make sure any petroleum-based fuel products are clearly labeled. Always observe fire codes and traffic regulations!