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Seed Kits

Seed Kits

Seed Starter Kits make great gifts for any time of the year. Yet, giving an indoor garden kit during winter holidays is particularly fun. Whether giving to children for school or club activities, fall and winter birthdays, or any other holiday when the weather is cold outside, seed kits provide endless fun for all ages - from planting to harvesting! With a wide variety of garden gifts to choose from, starting your indoor garden from scratch can provide endless hours of fun, food and flowers. Some of the many seeds to choose from include a wide variety of flower seed kits, herb garden kits, bird habitat plants, butterfly attracting plants, vegetables, bulbs, grow bottles, lettuce, strawberries, even trees. And this is just the beginning of our seed starter kit collection. From basil to strawberries, from lavender to lettuce, seed starting inside when the weather is crisp provides endless activity for young and old alike. Then when Spring appears, it's easy to move beginning plants, flowers and vegetables outdoors once it warms up. Using a seed starter to get a jump on the growing season also means your garden will begin blooming sooner than anyone else's in the neighborhood. You'll even be able to give a lovely bouquet from your own backyard for Mother's Day.

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Winter Blues? Give the Promise of Spring with Seed Kits

Winter holidays and birthdays should all be graced with seed kits. Especially when January and February set in, almost everyone longs for garden gifts with the promise that spring will indeed arrive. But why not give flower seed kits or herb garden kits as a way to add greenery before then? That way, you'll have a head-start on your garden, with plants such as lettuce, herbs, and spices being ready to eat or use in your favorite dishes even in winter. With garden gifts from Emily's Plants, holidays and special events are given an increased aliveness from traditional gift-giving. Herb and flower seed kits make great host and hostess gifts for special dinners around the holidays too.

And Indoor Garden Kit: Perfect For Kid's

A great way to introduce gardening activities to children is to give them an indoor garden kit. It can teach them plant grow cycles, including germination, sprouting, flowering, and harvesting. Kids are usually hooked the moment that first green shoot peeks up out of the soil. And herb garden kits that include seed starting from scratch, make the perfect way to introduce them to cooking. They love harvesting and adding herbs from their herb growing kit long before spring. A seed starter kit offers children's groups a fun project too. Whether boys and girls clubs, school projects, or even to sell as a fundraising activity, indoor garden kits provide endless possibilities for learning, fun, and profit.

Seed Kits Galore

Primary categories in our seed and garden kit categories include flowers, bulbs, vegetables, herbs and trees. Yes, you can even begin growing young tree saplings from one of our seed kits. Explore options including the ever-popular Herbs of Tuscany, crack and grow eggling planters, and seed kits for bird and butterfly gardens. We also offer various Amaryllis bulb kits and windowsill garden boxes with everything you need to grow lettuce and strawberry plants. They're the perfect size for apartments and urban living. For and eco-chic garden gift idea check out our recycled grow bottles, with herbal varieties including basil, parsley, mint, chives and more. See the entire collection for even more garden seed kits options--for the holidays, birthdays, children's club activities, school projects, and to jump-start your spring planting.

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