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Smell Pollution - When living in the city really stinks

Stench -- truly one of the evils of living the urban lifestyle. Seems no matter where you turn there's another stinky thing sneaking up your nose. The dumpster, the bus and car exhaust, the wild cats, the guy next door who hasn't showered in the 20th Century. What can you do about it?

You've got two options, you can mask it or try to filter it out. Masking it means just covering its smell with something even stronger - like flowering tobacco or scented geraniums. There are many options to suit your particular lighting availability.

Filtering the smell, your second option (in case you forgot) involves using a wall of plants that transpire a lot - that means they give off moisture. The moisture helps to absorb the odors and work as an air cleaner. Plants that go through lots and lots of water are best for this. Of course, that means you have to be prepared to go through lots of water, too.