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Ten Ways to Enjoy Your Little Garden on Your Balcony, Deck, or Terrace

1. Get out there! Seriously, stroll on out. Print this page out, then GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

2. Take a deep breath and take in all the wonderful scents of your garden. (Don't forget to exhale!)

3. Stretch! Listen carefully...can you hear the birds behind the noise of the traffic? Or traffic behind the noise of the birds?

4. Have a picnic or barbecue. Just pick up that plate, and carry that piece of toast right outside the door. Think less about the crumbs and more about the view. If it's winter, bring a thermos.

5. Bring a few friends to your garden. Have a party. Carry your cat out to join you in admiring the view.

6. Snip some fresh herbs and veggies from your garden and whip up a tasty snack.

7. Do a little Shakesphere. Read aloud at night, then sleep outside and read quietly to yourself first thing in the morning.

8. Lift one hand and wave to the crowd. Smile, turn 60 degrees, and wave again. Step forward and thoughtfully address your surroundings as if you were a) The Pope, b) Julius Caesar, or c) Evita Peron.

9. Go back inside and buy some stuff from us.

10. Garden!

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