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Theme Parties

Lately, everywhere you look there's a new theme restaurant opening. Why not jump on the bandwagon and host a theme party in your own balcony garden? With a little imagination, you can dress up your space in a zillion different ways.

Consider these innovative theme party ideas (well we think they're innovative):

  • Proper English Tea: Offer biscuits, scones, jam and Earl Grey. Decorate with antique linens, silver and tiny nosegays of garden flowers tied with ribbons.
  • Midsummer Night's Dream: Create a fairies' glen with ferns, diaphanous veils of fabric and ethereal music. Nibble light pastries and cakes accompanied by sparkling wine or champagne.
  • Tex-Mex: Serve up tacos, burritos and other hearty grub in the midst of vibrant flowers, cacti and succulents. Use homegrown chili peppers if you've got `em! Don't forget the Alka-Seltzer.
  • Tropical Paradise: Go bananas. Think orchids, palms, hot colors, fruit salads and mixed drinks. String some paper lanterns around the balcony and hand out leis.
  • Wine-tasting Under the Stars: An oenophile's delight. Festoon the garden with bunches of grapes. Ask each guest to bring a favorite vintage. You provide the verdant setting, some jazz, brie and crackers. Salut!

None of these float your boat? Think up your own! Take your cue from a favorite movie, decade or cuisine. Carry the theme into your invitations, decor and menu. Just be warned: Once your guests enter, they may never want to return to the real world again!