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Unusual Containers - From old shoes to test tubes

Your container garden doesn't have to be confined to terra cotta or plastic pots. Let your containers be as creative as your plant combinations. Try searching for the following unusual plant containers at flea markets or antique shops:

Buckets and pailsPitchers and jugs 

Watering cans


Old file cabinets 

Children's toys, such as a wagon, toy truck, sandpail 

Crates or barrels (such as for pickles)

Old farming equipment, such as feed troughs 

When you plant your creative containers with flowers and foliage, make sure you match your plants' color scheme to the color of your container. In fact, if you have an especially eye-catching container, you'd probably do best to stick to one or possibly two planting colors.

If you have flowers growing in your container garden, you may want to cut and arrange them indoors in an equally unique container. Try the following ideas for unusual flower vases (or think up your own):

Tins (such as those for tea) Eggcups Canning jars and milk bottles Tin cans (can paint these in bright, bold colors) Beakers or test tubes