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Using Herbs and Flowers

Herbs And Flowers
A general overview of creative options

Concoctions And Extracts
How to go about making your own

Herbal Salves
Making your own lip, skin, and hair tonics

Flower And Herb Drying
How to do it the right way

Herbs for Winter
How to fool you plants into thinking it's spring

Herbal Topiaries
Shaping up with your favorite herbs

Overview of Medicinal Herbs
The rise of herbalism

Medicinal Properties of Popular Herbs
Plants that'll cure what ailes ya

Keeping your hippy cat happy

The how-tos of making a fragrant blend

Potpourri Ingredients
Herbs, flowers and spices to consider in creating your blend

Potpourri Recipes
Some combination ideas and the basic recipe for creating your own

Potpourri Containers
Choosing the right display for your blend

Make the Most of Your Cut Flowers
How to harvest and keep your cut flowers beautiful

The Art of Flower Arranging
More than just sticking a flower in a soda bottle

Container Garden Design Center

Plant Care

Recipes, Projects, and Entertaining

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