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Visual Pollution - Things you just don't want to have to look at

Living in the city, there's always something you're really not all that thrilled to look at. Be it a dumpster or that hairy fat guy in the building across the alley. As much as you don't want him looking at you, you don't want to have to look at him. What's a gardener to do? Block it out.

Visit our "Privacy Intrusion" article for specific ways to block out these unwanteds.

In addition to eye-sores, artificial light can be a shrieking interruption to the peace of your garden. A good way to block it out is with trellised plants but be careful of the effects the light may have on your plants. Some plants need darkness as part of their daily cycle, and all plants take cues from hours of daylight to guess where they should be in their growing season.