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Wall Mounts - Where to mount boxes and shelves

When installing wall mounts you should choose a spot away from doorways, high traffic areas, and areas where water can damage things. In short, you don't want your plants destroying your home and family.

What you'll need: Stud finder, Power drill (electric or cordless), Eyebolts and anchor bolts or molly bolts, Shelf brackets, Baling wire or plastic-coated metal wire, Wood shelves.

For stability and security, you should install the hardware into wall studs or thick, exposed beams. Use a stud-finder to locate the beams. If one's available, use a lag bolt or screw for any brackets. These items have pointed tips and deep threads to grip the wood. Else you'll need a molly bolt (or an anchor bolt). Anchor bolts have flanges that open out and grip the wall from the other side, making it harder for the bolt to pull out.

Mark and drill starting holes where the hardware will go. Put the bolt through the bracket's holes, and either screw the bolt into the wood, or push the bolt through the wall, and open the flanges by screwing the bolt closed.
If you are building a wall-mounted shelf for your containers, heavier wall planters will need some extra hold. You can get this support by attaching wires from the wall to your shelf.

Drill holes into the shelf's top side, about two inches in from the ends. Drill two more holes into the wall above the shelf, at a height equal to the shelf's width, and at the same distance apart as the shelf's holes. Install more eyebolts. Now, run wire from each wall bolt to the bolt opposite on the shelf. Long shelves may need one more wire in the middle.